What To Expect When You’re Expecting Chasm Alpha Access

Woah – it’s almost that time everyone! We’re super excited to get out the first alpha build of Chasm for everyone to check out. We know there’s a lot of questions, so we’ve tried to compile everything together here for reference. Let’s do it!

Q. When is it coming?!
The keys will be released on your Humble downloads page at 1PM EST on September 18th.

Q. How do I get it?
To get your Steam key, enter your Kickstarter or Humble pre-order email address on the Humble Key Resender. They will send you a link to the page that contains your Chasm downloads.

Q. What’s all included?
The initial release will contain the first two of the game’s six total areas. Our goal is to get out the remaining areas at the pace of around one a month throughout the fall and winter. The initial release includes both Normal and Hardcore game modes (no Leaderboard support yet though).

Q. What platforms is it playable on?
Windows, Mac, Linux, and Steambox should all work just fine.

Q. Is it DRM-free?
No, you will need Steam to participate in the alpha. The final release will however go out as both DRM-Free and Steam.

Q. I didn’t back the Kickstarter, can I still get in on it?
Yep! The Silver pre-order at will allow you to jump right in on the fun.

Q. Can I livestream/Youtube/podcast/VHS/GIF it?
Yep! We just ask that you please let your audience know what they’re watching is technically pre-alpha, and that there’s probably unfinished stuff that will most likely change at some point.

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We Survived PAX East 2014!

We’re back! The trip went very well – we met a ton of press, fans, and many Kickstarter backers. A lot of people got their hands on the new demo, and the impressions were very positive! It’s hard to even reflect back on the experience now — it was over in a flash and jam packed with amazing people. A huge thanks goes out to all our friends, fans, and idols we met on the trip, we’ll remember it forever!

paxeast-teamJimi Stevulak (Music/SFX), Tim Dodd (Programming), James Petruzzi (Producer)

We did a bunch of interviews while we were there. Here are the first two we’ve seen posted online, by Kotaku and Destructoid respectively:

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Official Chasm Wiki

Every deep, exploration-based game needs a wiki, which is why we’re happy to announce that we’ve partnered with to bring you the Official Chasm Wiki!

We will do our best to find the time to add content, but we would love it if Chasm fans could work together to make it a thorough and comprehensive resource for everyone. The wiki is up and running right now, so please feel free to start adding content to it!

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Chasm Poster Pre-orders

After many requests, we’ve decided to get our first poster printed! We’ll be doing a small run of 12×18″ Chasm Box Art posters on high-quality 100 lb. Matte-coated paper. The print will be low-glare, and perfect for framing.

Unfortunately, producing merchandise is really expensive! To help keep costs down, we’ll be taking pre-orders until March 11th, 2014. The pre-orders will help us reduce production costs, and determine the overall size of the run. As a thank you for being one of our biggest fans, the pre-orders are discounted 20% off – from $15 to only $12 (+ shipping), and include a bonus die-cut sticker!

This will be a small run and we’re not guaranteed to have many left over, so pre-order now to secure yours!


A 12×18″ digital test print.

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logo Interview

After almost one year since my first podcast with, we thought it would be cool to do a follow up and talk about what’s happened since then. The new podcast covers topics such as the lead up to the Kickstarter, design changes to Chasm, finding the game’s spirit, and more.

Check out the podcast and the amazing page they put together for it now!

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