The 1st Weekly Drop

Welcome Descenders to the first Weekly Drop! The Weekly Drop is our way to fill you in on what’s happening behind the curtains here at Discord Games. We all know what it feels like to wait for a game, so hopefully this can help quench your thirst. As the crew gets ready to tackle GDC in less than 25 days, promotional material as well as the game are being created at an accelerated speed. If you’re going, why not pick up one of these stickers from the booth? It’s Kiosk #7 in the Play area, and a demo of Chasm will be there to try out! You’ll be able to spot it by looking for our new Chasm logo! This week Tony has made some great new backgrounds for the game.

Weekly Screens

It’s a long drop from here.

Monsters protect their valuable treasure.

Cave trolls join up with the monsters, watch out for their mighty club!


Fan Zone
Have you made something Chasm related? Want to show us your Frozen-Gel Throw Pillow? Maybe you made the innkeeper out of clay? Send it in to me at and I’ll be sure to feature it here! We love to see fan projects that you guys make so be sure to show us.

As always remember to vote on Greenlight and tell your friends to as well, we can only get on Steam with your help!