The 2nd Weekly Drop

Welcome Descenders to the Weekly Drop! This week James has (to the point of where it’s almost scaring us) been plugging away at the game, which brings us to the final stages of prepping the demo for GDC. A lot of polish is going into the game to finalize graphics. It’s also almost time to test the GDC build; if you have any interest in trying out what’s in the game so far, and would like to give us feedback fill out this form.

Thanks to you guys we’ve also very recently reached spot #34 on Steam Greenlight. Please help us in the homestretch for Top 10 by sharing the game with your friends and family. If you missed last week’s Weekly Drop be sure to read it here. We also have an IRC channel now, come and hang out with us.

Weekly Screens

New health and mana bars

A Dire Rat is ready to strike!

Probably best to find another way…


Fan Zone
Have you made something Chasm related? Want to show us your Frozen-Gel Throw Pillow? Maybe you made the innkeeper out of clay? Send it in to me at and I’ll be sure to feature it here! We love to see fan projects that you guys make so be sure to show us.

As always remember to vote on Greenlight and tell your friends to as well, we can only get on Steam with your help!