The 3rd Weekly Drop

Welcome Descenders to the Weekly Drop! If you applied to help test the GDC demo, keep an eye on your email because we’ll be contacting you soon. GDC is only a few days away now, and for the first time you will be able to try out Chasm (if you are going). Just visit Kiosk #7 in the Play Area. There will be some cool stickers for you to grab while you’re there as well.

We’ll also be having a very big announcement soon, so be sure to check back here daily for the rest of the week! You won’t want to miss it.

Weekly Screens

The gypsy’s wagon.

A kobold stands guard at a fountain.

Our hero levels up after valiantly slaying hordes of rats.


Fan Zone

Vigorousjammer has created a Giant Bomb page for us, and he added a bunch of screenshots from Chasm, why not help him out in keeping the page updated?

MrSelyp made a video highlighting projects that he’s interested in on Greenlight, Chasm was featured in it! Take a look.

Have you made something Chasm related? Want to show us your Frozen-Gel Throw Pillow? Maybe you made the innkeeper out of clay? Send it in to me at and I’ll be sure to feature it here! We love to see fan projects that you guys make so be sure to show us.

As always remember to vote on Greenlight and tell your friends to as well, we can only get on Steam with your help!